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Why recycle?

Besides keeping stuff out of landfills, recycling also reduces the amount of new raw materials used, plus manufacturing with recycled materials has lower greenhouse gas emissions than manufacturing with new materials, and it uses less energy. When shopping, choose items that come in easily recyclable packaging such as condiments in glass jars rather than plastic, and lour and sugar in paper bags rather than plastic bags.

What can be recycled?

How to recycle

Many municipalities offer curbside recycling as part of their normal trash collection services. It's just as easy to toss cans, bottles, and cardboard into the recycling bin as it is to toss them in the trash can. It's helpful to rinse out bottles and cans before recycling them. Items like cooking oil and electronics can't be put out in the recycling bin, but many towns offer drop off locations.

If your town doesn't offer curbside recycling, search the internet for local recycling centers where you can drop your recyclables off. Also, call officals and your local trash collection contractor and let them know you want curbside recyling. If enough people speak up, it might just happen.

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