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Why Repurpose?

Besides keeping stuff out of landfills, you'll also save money!

OK, but how?

This takes a little creativity. But it can also be a lot of fun to find new uses for everyday things. Get the whole family involved. Why buy popsicle sticks for crafts when you could clean and use the popsicle sticks you've eaten off of? Those little plastic baskets that strawberries come in have long been a craft project staple. Repurpose a shipping box into a craft supply basket, saving all sorts of everyday stuff into raw materials for future projects!

Some repurposing ideas...

Original Repurposed
dryer lint quilt batting
orange juice carton candle mold
worn out toothbrush smash scrub brush
yogurt cup seedling planter
Click here for an easy repurposing project!

Repurposing in action

The photo below is a close up of a quilt top made entirely from old shirts and dresses. When it's finished, I'll be using an old comforter as fill.

close up photo of a quilt

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