garbage cans

Kick it, but not to the curb.

Throwing stuff in the garbage can be a hard habit to kick. Your parents were so proud of you when you learned to clean up after yourself and since then, throwing unwanted stuff in the garbage can has been the way to go. But you may have never considered what happens to that stuff after you put it in the garbage can. It ends up in a landfill, taking up valuable real estate, often leaching harmful chemicals into ground water, and not biodegrading because it's buried instead of exposed to air and light.

If not in the trash, where?

What do you do with stuff you don't want anymore if you're not supposed to throw it in the garbage? That's where Kick the Can comes in. This site is full of ideas to help you find ways to keep stuff out of the garbage and therefore out of landfills. Though this site mainly deals with not throwing away stuff you already have, one of the best things you can do is to reduce the amount of stuff you use and will eventually throw away in the first place.

Reduce costs, reduce trash

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